I usually run ‘Introduction to Tai Chi’ courses in January, May and October.  For more information call or text on OhSeven914 388290 or email (please excuse my attempt to avoid web spiders harvesting my details and replace with 07 or @ as appropriate).

Below is an outline of the weekly classes. Contact me first or just come along any Thursday if you want to find out what Tai Chi Chuan/taijiquan is really about. It may surprise you!

Thusday Evenings at King Alfred Leisure Centre:

8-9pm – Traditional Hand Form and Pushing Hands. Beginners welcome any time. Cost £10.00

9-10pm – Weapons Forms, Applications and free style tui shou. For students with some experience. Cost £15.00 for the 2 hours.

N.B. You will also have to pay the Dry Side Entry Fee at reception and ask for directions to Tai Chi in Sports Hall II, North Door.

Saturday Mornings:

8am – Not really a class. I just run through all the weapon and hand forms for my own pleasure and experienced students are welcome to join me. Ask for details.

Tuesday Evenings

During the summer months I usually run a one hour class in Wish Park from  6.45pm. Details on the blog on the front page in the spring or call/email.