Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan Logo  Dan’s website which contains a wealth of information about tai chi chuan and the Wudang style in particular.

  Peter Ballam’s website  is particularly useful for videos of all the hand forms and weapons forms.

  Tai Chi Union of GB The Union was founded in 1991 with the aim of representing every recognised style of Tai Chi Chuan, to improve and promote the art in all its aspects, health, aesthetic, meditation and self defence and to provide a source of information on classes etc. for the general public.

  BCCMA British Council for Chinese Martial Arts is the Sports Council Recognised Governing Body for traditional Chinese martial arts.

  Ian Kedall’s website. Ian is a fellow Wudanger but a full time instructor with classes all over the city and beyond. If you can’t make Thursday evenings with me you should try one of his classes.

  You may have found this site via the Active for Life directory. AFL is for people in Brighton & Hove who want to get more active for fun, fitness or health. The site includes a directory of activity and sports groups, tips on getting started and keeping going, and resources for activity organisers and health professionals.

These icons should get you everything you need but,  if not, there is always wikipedia. Just try not to waste too much time browsing when you could be training!