Workshop this Saturday, 11th June 2022

Just confirming we are all set for the workshop on Saturday afternoon.

Once in the main entrance go past Reception, turn left then bear right through the doors into the lobby (Toilets!) and up the stairs to the Activity Room.

No cafe, just vending machines, on site and the nearest ‘corner shop’ is half a mile away so come with any refreshments you need.

Really looking forward to training with other people again BUT if you do have any ‘cold like’ symptoms – Please Don’t Come!!!

“Arc of the Sky” by The Voice Project

One of my students, Amelia, is performing in “Arc of the Sky” at St Andrews Church, Alfriston on the day of our Tai Chi Workshop, Saturday 11th June, so I wont be able to go even though it sounds great and I do love Alfriston.

Check it out and go if you can at:-

Best wishes for the performance.