Setting up website – Look & Feel and Content complete

That is it, unless anyone spots any glaring mistooks. If you do please let me know by a comment on the blog. I’ve only had one so far at that was from WordPress but then I haven’t even started search engine optimisation (SEO).

However I am already regretting using the old Wade-Giles transcription of  Tai Chi so I may decide to replace it with taiji throughout but do I then have to also register and transfer everything to a new domain? I’m going to sleep on it…

The only other thing I need to do is make the site appear to come from the root directory without the added /wp which again I could ignore but find really irritating so I won’t.  I will definitely fix that.

If successful my next post might actually be about taiji but then I have also got to look into SEO, edit flyers and posters and update all the online links to our old site. Note to self – too many buts in this blog.

Workshop with Dan in Horsham

Dan Docherty, head of our Wudang style, is holding a workshop at Forest School Gym, Comptons Lane, Horsham this Saturday 2nd December 2017.

If you are doing Nei Gung refresher then start at 1.00pm main workshop is 2.00 – 5.00pm

Cost has been kept down for many years, but now need to increase so it has been reviewed and will now be £13 for refresher and £37.00 for workshop.

Posted from my phone.

Setting up website – Tidying up

Nearly there but have not done much for a few days as J, and now I, have gone down with seasonal bug. Whisky sour, to get the vitamin C of course,  seems to help but I think that the evidence for benefits from vitamin C is very weak if not completely missing so may be it is the scotch.

I have just got to scale the icons on the links page, expand some of the text on Tai Chi and then the techy stuff so you don’t need to put /wp at the end of the web address which is quite long enough.

I am doing all this on my old laptop running Linux (Dell Inspiron, Ubuntu 16.04LTS if you are interested). What I must start doing is using my phone to post.

Setting up Website – Look & Feel

I have decided to stick with the basic 2017 Theme but I have uploaded a photo taken by my son from the top of Wudangshan on our 2016 trip to China for the home page background. There is a tale to tell, including a 3m long snake, as to why I didn’t take a suitable photo from the top that day…

Setting up website – Mission Statement

Next step is to knock out a mission statement so here goes:

This website is intended to

  1. Publicise the club to attract new members
  2. Alert members to useful info/resources
  3. Keep members informed about upcoming social and special events

I will be adding posts on a regular but as yet undecided frequency.

I am doing this because I think  Wudang style taijiquan is a great form of exercise and self defense.  I want to pass on what little I have learned over the last 25 years or so.