Setting up Website – Look & Feel

I have decided to stick with the basic 2017 Theme but I have uploaded a photo taken by my son from the top of Wudangshan on our 2016 trip to China for the home page background. There is a tale to tell, including a 3m long snake, as to why I didn’t take a suitable photo from the top that day…

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    1. Since you ask, yes, we just stopped and watched as it crossed the path just ahead of us at the top of one of the short flights of steps. It also stopped and looked at us briefly but decided we weren’t on the menu for some reason. As for the tortoise he was even bigger, longer at 5m+, bulkier but fortunately made of stone. It was good to do Golden Tortoise beside him with the place to ourselves but then, while doing the long form, a noisy group of Chinese tourists came past and took photos but barely looked at the stone monument.

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