Setting up website – Look & Feel and Content complete

That is it, unless anyone spots any glaring mistooks. If you do please let me know by a comment on the blog. I’ve only had one so far at that was from WordPress but then I haven’t even started search engine optimisation (SEO).

However I am already regretting using the old Wade-Giles transcription of  Tai Chi so I may decide to replace it with taiji throughout but do I then have to also register and transfer everything to a new domain? I’m going to sleep on it…

The only other thing I need to do is make the site appear to come from the root directory without the added /wp which again I could ignore but find really irritating so I won’t.  I will definitely fix that.

If successful my next post might actually be about taiji but then I have also got to look into SEO, edit flyers and posters and update all the online links to our old site. Note to self – too many buts in this blog.

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  1. Are you sure that you have romanised the Wudang Master’s name correctly? Should it not be Cheng Tinhung rather than Cheng Tin-hung?

    1. I think for modern official pinyin you are probably correct but in Hong Kong most seem to stick to the older Wade-Giles system as well as using traditional rather than simplified characters. As long as it is unambiguous I don’t think it really matters but I will try to develop a consistent style.

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