Advanced Workshop May 13th

The next advanced workshop will be at Hove Park School, Neville Campus BN3 7BN, on Saturday 13th May. (Moved from the usual first Saturday of the month as it clashed with a certain event in town!).

Usual format & cost, £10 per hour but only £20 for the three:

2-3pm Hand Forms – ‘Not Tiger Stretching’ to warm up followed by Short, Advanced Short, Long plus mirror forms if we have time,

3-4pm Push Hands and Applications – let’s concentrate, this time, on the 9(?) within Grasping Birds Tail after Parry and Punch and before Single Whip,

4-5pm Weapons forms and Applications – prompted by Mattias Nyrell’s Facebook post on Sword Form 88 and the discussion that followed I would like to go over the apps that appear later in the form starting with Support the Beam to Replace the Column. WOODEN WEAPONS ONLY for applications.

Looking forward to it. Hope to see you there.

P.S. Anyone fancy coming to Rencontre Jasnieres this year? Godfrey, Saar and Albert are leading sessions so would be good to support Dan’s Wudang Style.

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