Christmas and New Year

Thursday 28th December – the King Alfred is closed in  the evening so no class.

Thursday 21st December – I shall be off to my eldest daughter’s for Christmas but Rik and Will have volunteered to run a session so please come if you can.

Saturday 16th December 8am – this session will be my last of the year but speak to Rik who may be around on the 23rd & 30th.

Back to normal on Thursday 4th January and don’t forget Peter’s workshop in Horsham on the Saturday 6th.

I am advertising a 6 week ‘Beginners Tai Chi  Course’ starting on Thursday 11th Jan. Continue reading “Christmas and New Year”

Cheng Kam-yan son of Cheng Tin-hung

Jonathan posted on the FaceBook group that he had recently had the pleasure of training with Cheng Tinhung’s youngest son in Hong Kong. Some really good video of various Wudang  tuishou/pushing hands. In fixed step free-style Jonathan got a couple of draws but didn’t score once so said he ‘must train harder’ an attitude I respect!

You can see this at or just search youtube for Cheng Kam Yan.

Great workshop with Dan Docherty

Had a really good workshop with Dan in Horsham today. Lots of applications as usual then Short Form Mirror followed by a choice of spear or sabre.

We worked through applications illustrating the eight ways of using the sabre Pi – chop, Ci – stab, Tan – slash up to groin, Tuo – push up with both hands, Ti – divert up, Liao – stir and slash, Chen – press down and Lu – divert to the side. They are often used together as in Ti Pi which is an upward diversion to a stab followed by a chop to the attacker’s arm.

We ended with the Brush Knee sequence that takes you round in a full circle. It is beginning to make sense until I try to do it on my own.

Thanks Dan and thanks for the Song coin. If I keep coming perhaps I’ll earn a whole string!

Setting up website – Look & Feel and Content complete

That is it, unless anyone spots any glaring mistooks. If you do please let me know by a comment on the blog. I’ve only had one so far at that was from WordPress but then I haven’t even started search engine optimisation (SEO).

However I am already regretting using the old Wade-Giles transcription of  Tai Chi so I may decide to replace it with taiji throughout but do I then have to also register and transfer everything to a new domain? I’m going to sleep on it…

The only other thing I need to do is make the site appear to come from the root directory without the added /wp which again I could ignore but find really irritating so I won’t.  I will definitely fix that.

If successful my next post might actually be about taiji but then I have also got to look into SEO, edit flyers and posters and update all the online links to our old site. Note to self – too many buts in this blog.

Workshop with Dan in Horsham

Dan Docherty, head of our Wudang style, is holding a workshop at Forest School Gym, Comptons Lane, Horsham this Saturday 2nd December 2017.

If you are doing Nei Gung refresher then start at 1.00pm main workshop is 2.00 – 5.00pm

Cost has been kept down for many years, but now need to increase so it has been reviewed and will now be £13 for refresher and £37.00 for workshop.

Posted from my phone.

Setting up website – Tidying up

Nearly there but have not done much for a few days as J, and now I, have gone down with seasonal bug. Whisky sour, to get the vitamin C of course,  seems to help but I think that the evidence for benefits from vitamin C is very weak if not completely missing so may be it is the scotch.

I have just got to scale the icons on the links page, expand some of the text on Tai Chi and then the techy stuff so you don’t need to put /wp at the end of the web address which is quite long enough.

I am doing all this on my old laptop running Linux (Dell Inspiron, Ubuntu 16.04LTS if you are interested). What I must start doing is using my phone to post.

Setting up Website – Look & Feel

I have decided to stick with the basic 2017 Theme but I have uploaded a photo taken by my son from the top of Wudangshan on our 2016 trip to China for the home page background. There is a tale to tell, including a 3m long snake, as to why I didn’t take a suitable photo from the top that day…

Setting up website – Mission Statement

Next step is to knock out a mission statement so here goes:

This website is intended to

  1. Publicise the club to attract new members
  2. Alert members to useful info/resources
  3. Keep members informed about upcoming social and special events

I will be adding posts on a regular but as yet undecided frequency.

I am doing this because I think  Wudang style taijiquan is a great form of exercise and self defense.  I want to pass on what little I have learned over the last 25 years or so.